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The State Of Being A Geek.

Icons by TigerZahn...

geekity says: "I'mma icon journal! :o And 17th level pineapple ninja! ...but you didn't need to know that last part..." *ninja*

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Notice: This journal is rated PG-13 at minimum. There is strong language in this journal and same sex relationship icons posted here. Oh, and it also contains spoilers for various series.

Rules To Follow:

[x] Credit either geekity or tigerzahn. If you use the icon elsewhere be sure to add an (at LJ) in the credit.

[x] Don't flame. Constructive crits are welcome, but flaming is just plain rude and unwelcome.

[x] Direct linking/hot linking is not welcome here.

[x] More to come, if needed be/when I'm feeling unlazy.